The Case:

In many ways, Nam Nguyen’s Crescent City CyberSecurity company could be a typical small business story – someone with a great idea and expertise decides to earn a living by filling a need in the community. Of course, in today’s global service economy, hanging a shingle is not a sure path to success.

Nam needed to get his company name out there. He also wanted to position his company as the local cyber security expert. Stewart Communications designed a plan that accomplished both goals.

The Challenge:

How can a small business owner position his company as the local expert and earn widespread public exposure without over-extending its budget for advertising?


The answer is “earned” media. If Crescent City CyberSecurity could earn a regular spot on the nightly news to explain the cyber issues facing families and businesses, CCC would earn mass regional exposure, gain recognition as an expert and all without spending a dime on advertising.

After giving Nam intensive media and presentation training, Stewart Communications executed a strategy that placed Crescent City CyberSecurity in front of the local media as the local New Orleans expert regarding the nation’s top cyber security threats. Using our media relationships and proactive tactics, an aggressive outreach program reached regional media with Nam’s solutions to the day’s most prevalent cyber security problems. Today, Crescent City CyberSecurity’s CEO is the Fox 8 News go-to expert.



The Case:

How can your business recover when an employee does something insensitive and racist to a customer – and it goes viral? The owners of Huck Finn’s Cafe in the French Quarter faced that very problem.

The Challenge:

How to avoid business loss and reputational damage when a white employee writes a racist comment on the receipt targeted at a table of African-American customers and the issue becomes major news?


First, the ownership did the right thing by acting fast. Management immediately fired the employee, and used the restaurant’s digital media platforms to issue an initial apology for the employee-caused incident.

Then they called Stewart Communications that night.

Before the beginning of the news cycle, Stewart Communications:

  • Established management’s sincere disappointment and horror at the employee’s actions;

  • Evaluated the company communications;

  • Redrafted the company statement;

  • Counseled management about what to expect from the media, interest groups and social media; and,

  • Developed a strategy for responding. The plan included employee communications, media protocols and outreach.

Stewart Communications quickly engaged the media and put the issue to bed. Our quick response team even delivered a message on camera in the middle of a protesting attorney’s press conference that quickly quelled the firestorm.

All that was left was the Social Media Strategy and things got back to normal. Busy days, and happy customers enjoying delicious New Orleans-inspired meals.



The Case:

Two things threatened Louisiana residents after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: 1) a lack of sustainable living choices that could protect homes, budgets and our environment, and 2) extremely high natural gas prices translating into very high utility bills.

Luckily, local community leadership recognized that the solar industry offered a growth opportunity for jobs and clean energy for New Orleans residents. And thanks to PosiGen Solar Solutions, solar power was suddenly affordable for every budget.

With this technology, homeowners can reduce their utility bills and contribute to a sustainable environment.

The Challenge:

How does a business in an extremely crowded and fast growing industry stand out from the crowd?


PosiGen Solar Solutions offered something no other solar company had - affordable leasing combined with energy efficiency upgrades for any homeowner. And it was local. Yes, PosiGen was new, but its products were world-renowned brand names and its services (solar leasing and sales combined with energy efficiency upgrades) made solar energy affordable for everyone.

Stewart Communications took the PosiGen story and delivered the public, and the media, a steady diet of information that set the company apart from its competitors. We also focused on stories that highlighted this company’s reputation on Wall Street, and in the national and trade media.

The Stewart Communications approach conveyed stability and strength, along with a ton of growth potential.

With our help, PosiGen enjoyed numerous feature stories in local and national publications. And, it was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 75 fastest growing companies in America and the fastest growing company in Louisiana. Clearly, the results speak for themselves.